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At Now Hear This®, we know that the quality and features of modern hearing aids are only a part of a successful hearing aid story. The “secret” with modern hearing aids is almost entirely dependent on the expertise of the audiologist who fine-tunes them for you. Audiologists should use Best Practices established by the Professional Associations for Audiologists, and our audiologists do. We remove the risk of underperforming hearing devices by adjusting and fitting them with our AccuFit® system, which includes Real Ear Measurements (REM) and Speech-in-Noise testing – both of which have been proven to provide results which exceed patients’ expectations.

Don’t miss out on conversations with family and friends, beautiful music, or any of the subtle sounds of everyday life anymore. Say goodbye to underperforming hearing aids with help from our experienced Raleigh and Creedmoor audiologists at Now Hear This®.

We are available for community presentations.  Presentations are on important topics such as hearing loss, hearing aids, communication, and Tinnitus. Presentations can also be tailored to specific needs.  We enjoy getting out in our community to teach, inform, and make new friends.


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